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How Can I Use My Best of Home Care Award?

A Best of Home Care award shows your agency is among the best in the nation. You can incorporate it into your marketing efforts to attract potential clients and caregivers.

Congratulations on winning a Best of Home Care award! Your award provides proof to potential clients and caregivers that your agency is among the best in the nation; it can be a powerful marketing tool when utilized properly. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 

Get the Word Out 

  • Take a picture of your award with your team. Post it on social media, add it to your website, and hang it in your office. 
  • Put out a press release about your award. An example is included in your marketing kit. You can use services like PR Newswire or PR Web to send out your release. 
  • Email your clients and caregivers to announce your award and share what this achievement means for your agency. 
  • Reach out to local newspapers and TV and radio stations who may be interested in featuring your award. 
  • Share your awards in local groups, such as:  
    • Chamber of Commerce 
    • Rotary Club 
    • Other local civic associations 

Include Awards in Your Marketing 

  • Add your award to your business cards and other marketing materials you hand out. 
  • Include information about your award in client and caregiver communications, like:
    • Assessments 
    • Printed care plans
    • Presentations
    • Other notices you send to clients and caregivers
  • Incorporate your awards as part of your company stationery or letterhead. 
  • Add your award to your yellow or white pages advertisement. 
  • Feature your award in job postings to attract more caregivers. 

Showcase Your Award Online 

  • Feature your awards on your website:
    • On your home page 
    • In your website’s footer 
    • On a specific page just for your achievements 
  • Announce your award on your social media:
    • In posts 
    • By adding your achievement to your profile header image  
  • Add your award to your company's email signature to showcase your achievement with every email. 
  • Utilize your free BestofHomeCare.com listing. Log in to your Care Intelligence Platform to ensure your listing is up to date.  
  • Showcase your award on your Caring.com listing automatically through our integration by logging into your Care Intelligence Platform.  
  • Add information about your awards to your profile on other reputation management and review sites. 
  • Mention your award in online classified ads. 

Display Your Award in Your Office 

Other Ways to Use Your Award 

  • Send a direct mail piece to spread awareness regarding your Best of Home Care Award. 
  • Include your award on coupons in discount mailers like Valpak. 
  • Print stickers featuring your award to hand out to caregivers and clients. 
  • Take out a billboard featuring your award. 
  • Put stickers featuring your award on the covers of magazines and donate them to doctors’ offices for their waiting rooms.  
  • Turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard with window clings, a wrap, or magnets featuring your awards.